ReD | Online Fraud Prevention

Retail Decisions (ReD) – In 2001, we started working with Retail Decisions (ReD), an online fraud prevention company, headquarter in the UK. ReD needed U.S. support, and we worked closely with their U.S. Corporate office in Edison, NJ. ReD works with some of the Top 500 eTailers in the world. In 2012, ReD hired a new Director of Marketing and we had to prove that we were still a good fit. The Director of Marketing continued working with our agency successfully and we worked on their global marketing and U.S. initiatives which consisted of public relations and lead generation programs. The relationship was successful because we understood their market, and we are a nimble agency that could adapt to the global needs of this large organization. In 2014, ReD was acquired by ACI Worldwide and in 2015, ACI Worldwide started working with our agency.

“T+P has provided marketing and PR support to ReD over many years. The team consistently delivers thoughtful, high-quality work that reinforces our brand in the market. They have frequently challenged us with new ideas and opportunities and have proved to be reliable and stimulating partners.” Felicity O’Brien, Marketing Director at ACI Worldwide (formerly ReD)

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