St. Lukes Cornwall Hospital | Healthcare

We started working with St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital to promote both the Cornwall and Newburgh campuses. We recommended a strategy that included the promotion of their OB, Cardiac, Ortho and Oncology units. Troncone + Partners highlighted SLCH patients by creating 6 videos. Each video emotionally tapped into the patients afflictions and how SLCH was there for them both on a medical and personal level.

The videos were created for online use but done in a commercial style format which made them seem bigger with a higher production value. The idea of each story was derived from something that the patient was interested in, such as dancing, boxing, or an everyday activity. We then tied their stories, as told by each patient, together with their health issues, the heart attacks, hip replacements, prostate cancer and births. These stories, and the headlines that accompanied them, were used in print, out-of-home, radio and in an aggressive online targeted banner campaign. The online banner campaign targeted doctors and the community based on their online behavior and geographic location. For instance, if there was a person that was online using keywords in search engines like heart health, heart surgery, cardiac health and was sitting in our geographic locations, we would serve up banners to them that would link to the 6 videos. The program also had a re-marketing component where the banners would follow the client around and pop up on other websites. This campaign was shown on the Top 2000 comScore domains. It proved to be very successful and produced more than 8 million impressions with 13,000 clicks to the SLCH website over a 3 month period. The banners were shown to our target audience on websites such as LinkedIn, WebMD, NYTimes, CNN, eBay and Accuweather.

Out of Home
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