Find a Trucker Job ( was launched to help companies solve their unique truck-driver hiring needs. FATJ is powered by Fusion Recruiting Labs, a mobile-only apply solution targeted to reach industry recruiters. FATJ has posted hundreds of thousands of jobs for over 100 companies, & delivered nearly 100,000 applications to their clients. Using their proprietary applicant-sourcing algorithms, they can increase the quality of candidate applications and decrease the overall cost-per-hire.

T+P helped FATJ with logo development, tagline, market positioning and branding campaign. The creative “Your post on that other site got him a great job. Just not with your trucking company” was used to target recruiters in trade publications like MilePost, tradeshows like GATS, MATS and for the TTA, in programmatic ads and in collateral. T+P created a full website for FATJ that included all new messaging with compelling case studies.

In addition, T+P helped develop a “Making Trucking Great Again” website, where FATJ posts content for truckers and recruiters that include relevant articles and videos. This site was built to create a buzz for social and search. There is an e-commerce section where Make Trucking Great Again hats and t-shirts are sold.

Online Campaigns
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