4Cite Marketing | Data Insights Provider

4Cite is the first and only full-service, people based identification and data insights services provider. They are a progressive company that uses innovative web visitor identification technology with advanced data and analytics to identify previously unidentifiable customers and leverages individualized marketing campaigns across online and offline channels for large retailers.

T+P helped 4Cite with industry positioning, tagline development and overall branding in introducing 4Cite to their target market – Fortune 500 retailers. We created an “According to Our Data” campaign that was used on 4Cite’s website, in email, in a direct mail campaign and on social. The successful direct mail campaign for 4Cite included the mailing of an actual 23.25″ x 15″ x 11.75″ fully functional mini shopping cart sent to 4Cite prospects with a message “According to our data, you aren’t doing enough to identify your online visitors. That’s a lot of empty shopping carts.” This was followed up with a box of 3 mini carts with additional ” According to our data” messaging. As a result of the campaign, 15 Fortune 500 prospects became engaged with 4Cite to date.

A second campaign was just launched “You Can’t Identify Your Customers,” the faceless campaign. The campaign talks about the lack of identity in multi-channels including email, website, social, app, ad audiences, data and in-store channels. And if you cannot identify your customers, how can you market to them?


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