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Anti-lockdown Facebook Groups now criticize Black Lives Matter and Quibi draws fresh scrutiny: Tuesday Wake-Up Call

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Problem Facebook Groups 

The Associated Press is reporting that Facebook Groups created to foment distrust over coronavirus quarantines are now focused on opposing Black Lives Matter protests. 

The AP investigated dozens of such Groups, claiming Monday that they are epicenters of misinformation and conspiracy theories. These are the kinds of Groups that civil rights protesters are pressuring Facebook to moderate more closely. The AP looks at how Facebook users discuss racially sensitive subjects in the Groups that could run afoul of the social network’s hate speech policies.  

“One Group transformed itself last month from ‘Reopen California’ to ‘California Patriots Pro Law & Order,’ with recent posts mocking Black Lives Matter or changing the slogan to ‘White Lives Matter.’ Members have used profane slurs to refer to Black people and protesters, calling them ‘animals,’ ‘racist’ and ‘thugs’—a violation of Facebook’s hate speech standards,” according to the AP report on

There are concerns about rhetoric all over social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Some thought leaders are thinking outside the box to find a fix. “It is far easier to escalate than it is to de-escalate, and this is a major problem that companies like Twitter and Facebook need to address,” writes Nick Punt, an entrepreneur, in a blog post titled “De-escalating Social Media: Designing humility and forgiveness into social media products.” 

The NAACP and Anti-Defamation League are leading the movement for advertisers to freeze spending on Facebook in July. The civil rights organizations are set to meet with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week, according to people familiar with the plans.